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How To Use Emojis In Email Marketing The Right Way

The marketing landscape is changing. As new things come up, people adapt or they are left out. Email marketing includes much more than just formal language. No one doing any kind of marketing a few years ago would even think it possible to include emojis in their emails. That would be very informal and no one would want to even try it out. Things are not too series today because people are using emojis in marketing and it is not weird anymore. One thing to note is that they make your email more interesting. No one likes too much seriousness and these emojis break the ice and make it more interesting to read your email. You can bet on the fact that people are more likely to read your email when there are emojis than when it is just a block of words. It is important that you understand how best to use these emojis in email marketing before you get too excited. Here is how to use emojis in email marketing the right way.

It is easy to get excited and start stuffing your emails with emojis because you know people will like it. Because emojis are a lot of fun to use, you might find that you use too many. This is why the first tip is to use them sparingly. You will find that you can find an emoji for every word but that doesn’t mean you replace the words. To avoid making it look like you are trying too hard, don’t use more than three emojis in a row. You are trying to make the email easily digestible but you shouldn’t go overboard. Know more about marketing here!

You are not supposed to replace words with these emojis. If you do this, you will make it very hard to understand your email. People would have to stop in the middle of a sentence trying to understand what it is you are saying. The best way to use emojis, is for effect. They should emphasize a point, making the text more interesting. You will have missed the point if the emojis make the reader frown instead of smile, you can also discover more here!

One thing is for sure, there are hundreds of emojis out there. Don’t get too excited and use every single emoji that ever existed. When you only use a couple of them, people might start relating them to your brand. All you need is a few that can be used to mean different things and you are good to go. In the long run, people will associate these emojis with your brand which is a win. Visit this website at for more facts about marketing.

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